Replace 90% Of Your Sales & Marketing Team With Our A.I Infrastructure.

Our A.I Outreaches, Creates & Posts Content to Attract Qualify & Convert Prospects While You Sleep.


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Dr Alan Danagher BL

AODI Studios – Founder

“Elliott & the Rayne team Helped Us with everything from documentation, to tech, strategy to more importantly our growth strategy. They have provided unwavering support.”

Douglas Eriksen

Chain Mosaic – Founder

“When I find myself in a position where I need to provide such a solution to my clients, I only have one real answer – Rayne Team. I would not be where I am today, professionally speaking, if it weren’t for this team and their incredibly enigmatic leader. Absolutely instrumental.”

Joe Taylor

E-Growth Media – Founder

“We wanted to double down on our existing attempts to scale. I was interested in how Rayne’s AI+Humans would help us grow, the result was consistently 25 opportunities every week, we opted for the managed infrastructure, our conversions went up over 40%”

Ai Infrastructure Is The Secret To Growing Your B2B Company
24 Hours A Day

It’s the difference between the 99.0008% companies that don’t scale
fast, and the .00002% that do!

Without Rayne Holdings

With Rayne Holdings

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So, Why A.I?

AI and humans synergise perfectly for potent lead generation. AI streamlines data analysis, automates repetitive tasks, and enhances predictive modeling, while humans contribute nuanced understanding, empathy, and strategic thinking. Together, they form a dynamic alliance, optimizing efficiency and personalization in lead generation efforts.

This Is Where your "24 Hour Enquiries" start flying in

Our AI operates tirelessly 24/7, leveraging its non-stop processing capabilities. Unbound by fatigue or time zones, it ensures continuous lead monitoring, instant response, and real-time adaptability. This relentless efficiency surpasses human limitations, providing consistent, rapid engagement and scalability. The seamless, around-the-clock operation positions AI as an invaluable asset in maximizing lead generation outcomes. Our clients wake up every day with new leads, effortlessly.

More Meetings = More Sales

Use the power of Ai + personalized human connection to set more meetings through our unique propeitary system The “Rayne” Method. Warning: You will NOT find this anywhere else & may result in fully booked calendars.

"If you want to go fast, go
alone. If you want to go far,
go together"

How Our A.I Works in 3 steps

A.I Attract

Rayne A.I uses Omni-Channel personalised outreach & A.I text-to-image content to attract your next customer.

A.I Qualify

Rayne A.I instantly contacts the lead, qualifies affordability & proposes a call or a next step immediately.

A.I Convert

Rayne A.I converts customers to booked calls or instant sales using multi-channel follow up (WA, Email, SMS, Messenger)

How Many Sales Enquiries Can You Handle?

Rayne Holdings A.I Generates, Nurtures & Converts Enquiries For You 24 Hours A Day.

But That’s Not all ...

With Rayne Holdings…

A.I Sales Automation

A.I lead generation excels with precision and efficiency, blending machine insights with human intuition for unparalleled sales success.

Rayne Holdings Replaces

With Rayne Holdings…

Our A.I “Funnels” Customers To You!

A.I lead funnels outperform by seamlessly integrating data-driven insights with human touch, optimizing sales processes for superior results.

Rayne Holdings Replaces

With Rayne Holdings…

A.I Sales & Marketing Team

AI+Human sales teams excel, merging data intelligence with human finesse, creating a dynamic synergy that outshines traditional approaches.

Rayne Holdings Replaces

$5000+ Per Month On SDR Salaries

With Rayne Holdings…

Your 24 Hours Sales Machine Team

With AI+Human sales teams, clients wake up worry-free as new leads consistently flow in, ensuring a steady stream of opportunities 24 hours a day every single week.

Rayne Holdings Replaces

Sleepless nights worrying about new leads

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